‘Modify my booking’ now available on AFKLMP Cargo’s customer portal myCargo


AFKLMP is launching a new feature in myCargo called “Modify my booking”, a new self-service solution in myCargo that gives customers an easy option to alter their booking anytime, anywhere. MyCargo allows AFKLMP customers to create quotes, make bookings, track shipments, manage claims and access general

‘Modify my booking’ is the latest addition to AFKLMP’s ever-evolving myCargo platform and is a unique product within the industry. The purpose of this new feature is to allow airline and freight forwarders to cooperate on ensuring the quality of the booking process. Reliable booking information is the key to a better end product and, consequently, to delivering the best experience to all customers.

From now on, customers will no longer have to cancel their booking in order to resubmit altered data such as date/time, weight/size or shipment destination. The updated booking will not be executed until all necessary capacity for the updated booking has been confirmed, otherwise one can always go back to the original booking during the modification process, eliminating any risk of losing the shipping slot.

“In recent years we’ve transformed our commercial strategy and organisation and invested in systems and digital solutions with the clear goal of providing our customers the best possible service in the most sustainable way. Our teams have worked hard to develop ‘Modify my booking’, which gives our customers
even more control over the way they want to do business with us. Online interaction with our customers is increasing rapidly. Last month we saw a record 70% of bookings coming in via our online channels.

“We will continue to invest in digital services, as well as in our people and in sustainability-related initiatives to continuously improve the value we offer customers. Naturally, our experienced teams remain ready to assist our customers whenever they need supportm,” noted GertJan Roelands, senior vice president of sales and distribution.