More than a secret service from FEDAGSA launched

Des Vertannes (L) chairman, e-CARGOWARE, Simon Milne (Centre) Snr VP MetroJes and Ramesh Darbha (R) , CEO, e-CARGOWARE

The Federation of Airline General Sales Agents (FEDAGSA) has launched a global venture with US-based carrier MetroJets for the exclusive promotion and use of its new Master Air Waybill, prefixed 007.

Approved FEDAGSA members will be able to utilise the new IT platform to offer logistic services via specific interline and Bilateral Prorate arrangements.

Today’s challenging, competitive and often volatile trading environment relies on rapid and effective adaptability by service providers such as our GSSAs, who need to support their client airline businesses in the face of fierce competition, notes said Des Vertannes, chairman of the board, e-CARGOWARE. FEDAGSA members can fulfill these demands via a new digital platform enabling them to also create enhanced and innovative services to support carriers and forwarders.

MetroJets and FEDAGSA have chosen one of the most up-to-date Cloud -based solutions supplied by e-CARGOWARE. This innovative, flexible solution offers MetroJets and FEDAGSA members enhanced visibility for consignment tracking and tracing, along with an effective accounting package. By using the e-CARGOWARE platform, FEDAGSA customers will have access to high quality, reliable and precise information expertly designed to boost sales, provide complete control over sales, operation and management of this new NVOCC of the skies!

“This is a significant win for us all” said Vertannes. “We are very proud to have been selected as the platform to help launch this important new business venture and look forward to supporting FEDAGSA AND MetroJets expansion over the coming months”.

Ramesh Darbha CEO of e-CARGOWARE commented: “The timing is perfect. We are developing our ‘Digital First’ initiative and expect that MetroJets will fully benefit from the new digital enhancements to the e-CARGOWARE portfolio.”

MetroJets views this partnership with FEDAGSA as the best way to launch and execute the expansion of the 007 Air Waybill globally. By working exclusively with members of FEDAGSA, MetroJets will enjoy a secure and risk-free environment, with the peace of mind offered by using the e-CARGOWARE solution to manage all aspects of this exciting new venture.

Glenn Shires , secretary general of FEDAGSA, indicated members are currently undergoing systems support testing with e-CARGOWARE, with the launch of the service anticipated within the next few weeks and a full roll-out plan over 2019/20.