National places two 747Fs with BST Logistics


National Airlines has expanded its cooperation with BST Logistics by operating the two B747-400F Freighters on behalf of BST Logistics through an aircraft, crew, maintenance, and insurance (ACMI) agreement from August.

BST will begin cooperation with China Aerospace International Holdings based on BST Logistics’ ACMI operations.

China Aerospace International Holdings is a subsidiary of the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, a state approved and authorised investment institution supervised by the State Council.

China Aerospace International Holdings deputy general manager, Wang Tong says: “Our plan is to develop charter business in civil aviation operating services. With BST’s vast experience in air chartering and ACMI operations, combined with National Airline’s extensive experience in air transportation, we are confident that this cooperation has a bright future ahead.”

BST Logistics president, Shen Hong adds: “Committed to air charter and ACMI operations for almost 20 years, BST has gained extensive experience in this industry.

“The cooperation with China Aerospace International Holdings and the great service provided by National Airlines will support BST’s growth and its continued expansion in air freight transport in civil aviation operating services.”

National Airlines manager of charter sales, Rob Hotchkiss says with the strong business background and financial support of China Aerospace International Holdings, as well as BST’s experience and professional team, the carrier believes it can offer “greater and more versatile services to Chinese airfreight market”.

BST and affiliated partner companies including Navitrans have been operating scheduled flights serving China, Europe and US since 2004.

Now, BST operates weekly flights using B747-400F wet leases from National Airlines. BST also operates other scheduled flights to and from China on a weekly basis.