Neutral Air Partners appoints Priority Freight as European partner

Santiago Tejedo

Neutral Air Partners (NAP) has appointed Priority Freight group as its European partner. The move allows NAP to enhance its members’ access to time sensitive logistics solutions for the automotive market.

Santiago Tejedo, general manager of Priority, expressed his delight at this new initiative. He said: “We are pleased to join forces with the professionals of the Neutral Air Partners group and to offer our clients the opportunity to work with them and their state of the art solutions and best quality standards. As a leading European supplier of expedited solutions to the automotive industry, we are constantly seeking the best possible ways of servicing our clients.”

Neutral Air Partners, headed by Christos Spyrou, has developed a global network of some 250 leading experts from across the air logistics supply chain, and is always aware of specialist niche markets. He said: “We are very excited about this partnership, our members and clients will now have access to a wide variety of time critical products and expedited solutions tailor made for the automotive industry. Priority freight Europe is specialised in automotive time critical logistics and this appointment will advance the interests of our NAX time critical sub-group which is dedicated to time critical experts selected by specialization, vertical and industry expertise.“

Priority Freight was founded in the UK in 1996 and has now more than 220 staff members in three offices, in the UK, Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Spain.