New edition of IATA Security Management System Manual available


By applying the principles from the IATA Security System Management Manuals (SeMS), the new edition can enhance a company’s security culture, regulatory collaboration and resource utilisation as well as improve overall performance and communication within a company.

The 4th edition of the SeMS is the latest version of the manual, which was published in October 2020. It contains security management guidelines on building effective aviation security measures and also covers a range of additional topics including accountabilities and responsibilities assignment, risk assessment, security reporting and improved communication processes.

What’s inside the SeMS?

  • Management (corporate commitment, security objectives, security communication, change management, provision of resources)
  • Documentation (aircraft operator security program, security reporting)
  • Aviation Security Quality (quality assurance audits, quality control, security surveys, security tests)
  • Security Risk Management (security risk assessment, threat identification and assessment, risk management process)
  • Additional Guidance (role of regulations, landside security, insider threats, in-flight theft, aviation cyber security)