New pricing structure launched by Brussels Airlines Cargo


Brussels Airlines Cargo will introduce a new pricing structure from the start of the aviation winter season, on 25 October.

The carrier says the new structure better meets the market demand for more transparency, by instead of charging various surcharges on freight prices, as is the case today, there will only be one consolidated ‘Airfreight Surcharge’ in the future.

Lufthansa Cargo and Swiss World Cargo have already announced they will introduce a new pricing structure as from next International Air Transport Association (IATA) winter season and Brussels Airlines has decided to join this new model.

The airline explains that increasingly, more cargo customers and transporters want a simpler and more transparent pricing structure that is less volatile and provides more clarity.

Brussels Airlines and the airlines of Lufthansa Group say the new and “much clearer cargo pricing model” from the end of October has been established in order to meet this demand.

The carrier says: “The new pricing model is unique in the market. In the future there will not be several but only one single surcharge on airfreight transported by Brussels Airlines. The prices of Brussels Airlines Cargo will consist of two elements: a fixed net sum and an Airfreight Surcharge (ASC).

“This new surcharge replaces all the supplements existing today. The ASC includes all the external costs that are beyond Brussels Airlines’ control such as fuel, airport taxes, security surcharges, etc. As these external costs can fluctuate, the sum of the Airfreight Surcharge is subject to changes.

“The introduction of this new pricing method will not lead to higher or lower rates for the customers. In comparison to the old pricing model the net rates will be adjusted so the effect remains price-neutral.”