Nexxiot and Unilode to digitise entire ULD fleet

SAS Uniloade extend partnership

Nexxiot is officially partnering with Unilode Aviation Solutions to digitise its entire fleet of unit load device within 18 months.

The ULDs will be equipped with Bluetooth sensors, with data being processed, analysed and made available by Nexxiot for Unilode.

This will enable continuous, automated tracking of ULDs both on the ground and in the air for the first time.

Helmut Kaspers, CEO of Nexxiot says: “For the first time, we are now developing solutions to digitise the air freight market and make the handling of ULDs transparent worldwide. We achieve this by combining freight and movement data.”

Benoît Dumont, CEO of Unilode Aviation Solutions says: “After a long review, it turned out that Nexxiot is currently the only supplier worldwide with whom we can implement this kind of project in such a short time. That’s why we’ve brought Nexxiot on board as a strategic partner and benefit from the company’s vast expertise in the digitisation of large fleets.”

The first joint trials have been running since September 2018 and all 125,000 ULDs supported by Unilode will be fitted with a digital twin by the beginning of 2021.

Nexxiot has developed and maintained a neutral user interface for Unilode where customers can view ULD data including location, temperature, shock, light and humidity measurements, as well as tracking.