Nippon Express’ SE Asia road service just got a whole lot easier


Nittsu Logistics (Thailand), a local subsidiary of Nippon Express, has obtained 12 Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS) road transport permits that will smooth cross-border shipping between the six GMS countries.

Nittsu Logistics obtained the GMS permits – valid from 1 June – from Thailand’s Ministry of Transport for transport among the six GMS countries, including: Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and China.

The awarding of the GMS road permits follows the recent implementation of the Cross-Border Transport Agreement, adopted in December 2016 by the six countries. Thailand has issued 500 Road Transport Permits, which includes 25 passenger vehicles, leaving 475 permits for cargo vehicles used by the logistics industry.

Nippon Express said it had obtained permits for 12 vehicles, the largest number of any Japanese company operating in Thailand.

The Nippon Express Group already provides cross-border transport services within the region on the basis of bilateral and trilateral road transport permits, but these permits all stipulate in advance the countries of passage.

Under the new permit system, the restrictions on countries of passage are to be eliminated in stages, ultimately making it possible to pass freely through any of the GMS countries.

These new permits will also eliminate the need for the transhipment of cargo previously required at some borders, thereby reducing cargo damage that can occur during transhipment, enabling reliable and high-quality transport, and decreasing transport time, Nippon Express said.

With the Mekong region expected to see continued strong growth, Nippon Express said it will be developing new transport products to meet the region’s diversifying logistics needs as it strives to further expand its global logistics business.

The road network and border control procedures have been steadily improving over the years, with a number of logistics service providers now plying the highways and byways stretching from China to Singapore.

(Photo used for illustration)