October cheers for Cathay Pacific


Cathay Pacific Airways and Dragonair transported 156,590 tonnes in October, a 9,283 tonne increase on September’s tonnage of 147,307, a level which the airlines have been stuck at for months.

While the October figure is 14 per cent above the same month in 2013, as was September, the tonnage for which was 14.5 per cent more year-on-year, the third quarter of July, August and September saw almost no growth. July saw 146,745 tonnes, August, 146,955 tonnes and September 147,307. 

However, the airlines have now returned to their year high of March, when they transported 155,352 tonnes. The first quarter was volatile with, 130,955 for January and then a slump to 101,295 in February before the March high. The second quarter saw gradual increases of, 137,444, 138,448 and 140,444 tonnes, for April, May and June, respectively. 

Reflecting the substantial increase over the previous three months tonnage changes and its 14 per cent advance on October 2013, last month’s revenue tonne kilometres were up 18.7 per cent, but available cargo tonne kilometres are up 12.3 per cent. The year-to-date figures advanced with an 11.9 per cent increase on the first 10 months of 2013, while January to September had been an 11.3 per cent increase.

The October surge to 156,590 tonnes is because of China, according to Cathay Pacific’s general manager cargo sales and marketing, Mark Sutch. He says: “We saw a continued surge in demand out of Hong Kong and Mainland China,” which was driven by consumer IT products.”

The October spike also saw the load factor increase 3.5 percentage points, from 62.2 per cent to 65.1 per cent, almost returning to a level not seen since March. Then it had been 66.7 per cent. In September the load factor had been 62.2 per cent, down on August when it was 62.5. August had been down on July, when it had been 64.7 per cent and July was down on June when it was 64.9. In May and April the factor had hovered around 63. 


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