Oman Air launches Cloud-based SmartKargo ERP Solution


Oman Air Cargo has launched its 100 per cent Cloud-based ERP Solution, implemented by SmartKargo, to bring digital transformation to all aspects of its business to improve revenue and customer service.

The SmartKargo booking system provides web-based access for agents and employees of Oman Air – with the capability for customer bookings via a mobile app to following in coming months.

The solution facilitates the paperless transformation of key business processes across the board, including e-AWB and the capability to digitally correct, store and transmit associated documentation via e-pouch, leveraging standard IATA C-IMP messaging.

Oman Air senior vice president for commercial cargo, Mohammed Al Musafir says: “We chose the SmartKargo cloud solution due to the robust infrastructure, platform and advanced technology that it is built upon. We can now provide easy, secure access via integration with any business partner across the world, with little effort.”

He adds: “The full SmartKargo ERP solution was deployed in less than two months. Within the first 24 hours, the Go-Live system registered a tremendous response from users globally.”

The real-time Revenue and Capacity Management informed by immediate access to data, full shipment visibility and robust reporting allows for advanced insights into the business, and the SmartKargo Link capability facilitates Oman Air Cargo’s interline opportunities by streamlining processes and communication with partner airlines.

SmartKargo executive vice president for sales & marketing, Jay Shelat says: “Oman Air demonstrated an amazing level of teamwork with SmartKargo, allowing us to take the vision of their management and implement it quickly. We are honoured to be a part of the phenomenal success of Oman Air.”

SmartKargo is a 100 per cent Cloud-based, browser accessed solution developed by airline and cargo industry experts, and is configured to address unique scenarios for global air cargo operators.

It is built upon the Microsoft Azure Cloud and the SmartKargo Microsoft partnership provides a solution that addresses the needs of global airlines and never becomes obsolete.