New online freight marketplace for forwarders launched


A new online freight marketplace called Transnations that aims to connect freight forwarders for their mutual benefits has been launched.

Transnations focuses strictly on forwarders, rather than shippers, and developers says it is the first online marketplace of its kind and it will help freight forwarders cut costs while maintaining reliability and the highest standards.

Transnations chief operating officer, Marc Harvey says: “We started out creating a marketplace between shipper and forwarder like everyone else, thinking the market is large enough for a handful of freight marketplaces.

“One day, it just hit us that no other competitor is paying attention to the high volume of transactions between forwarders.

“We believe that our platform will help freight forwarders to streamline tedious processes such as request for quote, respond to quote, quote comparison, rate publishing, rate benchmarking and cargo tracking.”

According to Transnations, using the online freight marketplace delivers several quick and clear benefits to freight forwarders working to be as efficient and as profitable as possible.

Transnations says benefits it delivers to users include saving time and energy often wasted using less focused platforms; boosting profit margin; increasing the number of quality business leads; optimising freight consolidations; and freeing up resources by minimising email communication.

Forwarders can also publish and update their rates as often as they choose.