Outrageous times are over for Global GSA

Ismail Durmaz, CEO of Global GSA Group

After the “outrageous” high yields in the final quarter of 2017, Ismail Durmaz says that 2018 was steadier for Global GSA Group with 9.8% growth globally.

The CEO says that while not all markets performed the same, Global GSA was able to compensate small set-backs in certain markets with solid increases in other markets.

Durmaz says close cooperation with customers benefits all parties, with transparency and trust being key.

As for this year, Durmaz says: “2019 globally has so far shown a slight dip in bookings in Q1 however in the Benelux we are up approximately 18% versus 2018.”

He adds that February is always affected by Chinese New Year, and the uncertainty around USA-China trade discussions plays a role.

The outlook for the year is that 2019 will see growth but Durmaz says it is too early to say by how much. Durmaz says Benelux is a logistics friendly region, also describing it as “highly competitive”.

He says: “To be accepted, you need to deliver what you promise. Our more than regular and direct personal contact with our customers contributes to that.”

The infrastructure is also “a world in its own”, with Durmaz saying: “The high-quality logistical position of Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg combined with its efficient road network and market demand, justifies future growth.”

Digitalisation will also be increasingly important in the future, Durmaz says: “We must stay in line with shippers, carriers and forwarders and follow this continuous and never-ending process.”