PACTL is all cool in Shanghai

Shanghai Pudong International Airport Cargo Terminal (PACTL)

Shanghai Pudong International Airport Cargo Terminal (PACTL) has officially inaugurated its new eco-friendly cool centre.

The facility which has successfully completed its trial operations most recently obtained the International Air Transport Association (IATA) CEIV Pharma certification as the first Chinese air cargo terminal.

In full operation, it now provides an annual handling capacity of 100,000 tonnes of temperature-sensitive goods.

PACTL’s new cool centre covers more than 3,500 square metres. It meets the full scope of requirements necessary to support continuous cool chains, featuring various modern freezers (+8 to -18 degrees Celsius) and coolers (+2 to +25 degrees Celsius) making use of non-toxic refrigerants as well as an ambient climate zone (+15 to +25 degrees Celsius) for the handling of temperature-sensitive cargo.

Refrigerated dollies and thermo-blankets are available for the seamless transportation of goods between the apron stands and the warehouse.

PACTL vice president, Lutz Grzegorz says: “Our new cool chain infrastructure enables us to further support the development of integrated cool chain solutions at Shanghai Pudong International Airport and along our sophisticated trucking network.

“This is essential for us in order to fully meet the requirements of our airline customers when it comes to the handling of temperature-sensitive goods and thereby further strengthen the overall position of Shanghai Pudong International Airport in the global air cargo market.”

Commodities that recently passed through the new cool center include biomedical and pharmaceutical products, dairy products, seafood, exotic fruit and vegetables as well as chilled and frozen meat and poultry.

The cool chain facility is equipped with both a 24-hour CCTV system and an automated temperature measure alarm system. To ensure smooth overall handling processes and a maximum of transparency for the airline customers, it is fully integrated into PACTL’s warehouse management system.