PACTL tests new eco-friendly cool centre


Shanghai Pudong International Airport Cargo Terminal (PACTL) is to open its new eco-friendly cool centre early next year.

Trial operations started recently after the authorities had approved all the necessary licences. The facility is due to go into full operation at the start of 2016.

The cool centre covers a total area measuring more than 3,500 square metrEs and features various different climate zones that support continuous cool chains in line with international standards.

The facility has been designed for the safe, efficient and transparent handling of up to 100,000 tonnes of temperature-sensitive air cargo per annum.

“Our new cooling facility will enable us to keep meeting the requirements of our airline customers, which are increasingly offering and developing their hi-tech perishable and pharmaceutical services,” says PACTL vice president, Lutz Grzegorz.

“So far, the trial operations have run as smoothly as expected. As all the cooling cells are working in a stable manner, we’re now about to install roller beds and open a tractor channel to connect the cool center with the apron,” he explains.

“As we’re making use of eco-friendly cooling technology, we’re also contributing to the climate footprint of the air cargo industry,” Grzegorz adds.

PACTL uses new non-toxic refrigerants and operates electrically powered tugs and forklifts. The company’s waste management system also makes use of recycling technologies.