Pegasus to hold Istanbul logistics conference


Pegasus Cargo is holding an International Transport and Logistics Conference from 23-24 March next year in partnership with Istanbul University’s Transportation and Logistics Faculty.

The event will bring together students and key representatives in the sector and is the faculty’s first conference and is seen as key to boosting the logistics sector in Turkey, including the airfreight industry.

Pegasus Cargo vice president, Aydin Alpa emphasised the significance of the partnership with Istanbul University, to be held for the fifth time in five years: “As you may know, the teaching of logistics in Turkey started at Istanbul University. This year there has been an exciting development.

“Having previously been offered under the masters programme, this year the teaching of logistics was brought under one faculty. This is Turkey’s first and only logistics faculty, and I hope this new development will yield great results for the sector and its students.

“We decided to co-host the faculty’s first international conference as we are always interested in pioneering new projects. As Pegasus Cargo, we will continue to support the partnership between the university and the sector.”

Istanbul University’s Dean of Transportation and Logistics Faculty, Professor Dr. Abdullah Okumus, underlined the significance of partnerships between the university and sector, noting the conference will be very beneficial.

He stresses Istanbul University’s pioneering mission and that the new development will pave the way for spearheading logistics education not only in Turkey but also in the world, and notes the conference is open to all logistics students.

Istanbul University Vice Rector, Professor Dr. Sedat Murat, emphasised the importance of such events in the realisation of Turkey’s goals to become a ‘regional logistics hub’, the popularisation, diversification and the improvement in the quality of logistics education, and the training of qualified staff in line with Turkey’s transport and communications strategy for 2050.