Peli BioThermal Chronos to be rebranded CoolGuard


Peli BioThermal will rebrand its Chronos products as the CoolGuard range, replacing the old brand by the beginning of July 2019.

The newly named shippers will replace Chronos Express, which will become CoolGuard PCM and Chronos Advance will become CoolGuard Advance.

The shippers will offer configurations with fewer components in exchange for shorter durations, making them more affordable for specific shipping lanes.

The cold chain shippers will also provide additional temperature set points such as 16C, ideal for use in cold ambient conditions for controlled room temperature protection.

David Williams, president of Peli BioThermal says: “These shippers are designed to perform exceptionally well at temperature protection for a one-way journey in a challenging shipping lane. The volumetric efficiency is also excellent, with a favourable ratio of the external dimensions to the internal payload dimensions. As a result, CoolGuard™ shippers offer significant savings on transport and storage.”

Peli BioThermal also says the CoolGuard shippers are a more resource friendly product by eliminating shippers going into recycling and waste streams after their first journey.

The CoolGuard shippers are made of components that can be recycled or easily placed in the waste stream due to a design that includes no toxic glues or other materials, making them more eco-efficient.