Peli BioThermal unveils Golden Hour One


Peli BioThermal has unveiled its new Golden Hour One, a smaller, lighter reusable container for transporting blood to the battlefield, at the 2019 Scientific Assembly conference in North Carolina.

Golden Hour One allows military units to easily transport life-saving blood to far-forward combat areas where they are needed most during the first critical hour after injury.

The technology was invented by Peli BioThermal in 2003 at the request of the US Army to transport blood to battlefields away from fixed medical facilities.

The temperature-controlled Golden Hour containers resolved the issue of temperature excursions damaging blood supplies, and received the US Army’s Greatest Innovation Award for its innovation.

Kevin Lawler, vice president of worldwide sales at Peli BioThermal says that since developing the technology, it has been expanded to meet the military’s ever-evolving needs.

He says: “The launch of Golden Hour One answers the call for an even more portable container to transport blood supplies from anywhere in the world to any battlefield in the world.”

The Golden Hour One holds a single unit of whole blood and maintains temperature for 18 hours under extreme conditions without external energy.

Under less challenging conditions, it can keep blood cool for up to 36 hours, and Peli BioThermal says the containers are easy to use and assemble.