PEMCO launches new services to support conversion customers


Pemco World Air Services (PEMCO) engineering, the backbone of PEMCO’s cargo conversion program, has added new services to support its PEMCO-converted aircraft operators and MRO customers.

These include training for liaison engineers, customized electronic weight and balance load charts, certification consulting services, and MRO consulting services.

Training services focus on liaison engineers of PEMCO-converted aircraft operators. Liaison engineers are provided a 16-hour hands-on course so they can take over the engineering processes for their company’s PEMCO-converted freighters.

The PEMCO customised electronic weight and balance load chart allows customers to optimize payload and minimise lateral imbalance of their PEMCO-converted aircraft.

The company says not only does this save operators time and money from developing their own, but PEMCO’s chart is customized for each aircraft to provide pilots and operators the most accurate and reliable information.

PEMCO director of engineering, Victor Burnett says: “Customers asked for additional support and we listened.” He adds: “We are enhancing our engineering services to assist airline operators with their business utilising our core strengths.”

PEMCO certification consulting assists companies interested in certification projects or DER services including engineering design, FAA certification, interior modification, structural analysis, and testing.