PEMCO redelivers 15th conversion to SF Airlines


PEMCO World Air Services (PEMCO) has announced the redelivery of another Boeing 737-300 freighter aircraft to China-based SF Airlines.

SF Airlines is one of the leading couriers in China providing delivery service to over 15 countries, including the US.

Performed by partner STAECO in Jinan Shandong, China, the latest redelivery marks the fifteenth B737-300/400 PEMCO converted aircraft to SF Airlines since 2013.

Four more PEMCO converted aircraft are planned to be added to SF Airlines’ cargo fleet in 2016.

PEMCO’s director of cargo conversions, Mike Andrews says: “We’re honoured to be the B737 freighter conversion provider of choice for SF Airlines. We look forward to redelivering more quality aircraft to SF and contributing to the company’s growing cargo business.”

PEMCO’s latest 737-300 freighter conversion for SF Airlines provides nine pallet positions, up to a 43,000 tonne payload, 4,600 cubic feet of total volume, and a max range exceeding 2,000 miles.

Today PEMCO, together with its three regional conversion installation partners, provides seamless global product support to operators of their Boeing 737 converted freighters.