New US president and Brexit confirmation help business

Air Logistics Group chief operating officer, Stephen Dawkins

Following the confirmation of Brexit and the appointment of the new US president, Air Logistics Group has seen an upsurge in business, chief operating officer Stephen Dawkins (pictured) tells Air Cargo Week.

He says like all businesses in the cargo field, 2017 saw a surge in business, and pressures on the Euro and UK Pound against the US Dollar has boosted exports with many companies taking the opportunity to replenish stocks.

Dawkins says the UK Brexit vote and aftermath has had an impact though. He explains: “As our world is governed by micro-economics, where you see exports in the UK substantially improving due to the weakness of the Pound, so too you see a slowing of imports from the US and Europe because of the strength of the Dollar & Euro.”

Throughout all this, Dawkins says Air Logistics Group’s plans for the year are: “To continue to consolidate our position as one of the primary cargo suppliers to the airline industry across the globe by providing value added services and focussing on vertical products to improve the yield for our airline principals.”

Dawkins believes airlines benefit greatly from the knowledge a general sales and service agent (GSSA) can provide, saying: “Airlines benefit from using GSSA services as they are able to take advantage of professional, well run, strong networks with the local knowledge to be able to secure revenues in a market that continues to have overcapacity.”

Air Logistics Group has been investing heavily in IT, Dawkins explains: “We have invested over $6 million into IT development over the last five years to strengthen our network and offer a cost effective solution to airlines in a multitude of cargo fields such as sales, revenue accounting, trucking management and business intelligence.”

GSSAs represent over 20 per cent of worldwide tonnage, and Dawkins believes it would be “inspiring” for the International Air Transport Association to consider a wider role for GSSAs in its organisation.

He says: “To recognise, as it does very eloquently the airline and forwarding community, that GSSAs are an integral part of the discussion process.”

Dawkins believes the size of the market is the biggest opportunity for GSSAs in Europe, saying: “The size of the worldwide cargo airline market is 55 million tonnes of which the GSSA business is processing over 20 per cent, so there is ample opportunity for GSSA companies to invest in the future and increase this market share.”