QCS are happy and they know it


Maintaining its focus on quality of service, Quick Cargo Service (QCS) managed to achieve growth of around 20%, according to Allan Bach Christensen, partner and managing director of QCS Denmark.

He says that 2018 showed that a strong quality focus would be acknowledged and rewarded. QCS is growing with two extra members of staff in six months and one more planned for 2019 in the Copenhagen office.

Christensen says: “Our plans are to consolidate ourselves in Scandinavia with focus on mentality and requirements – and with the aim of strong partnerships in the Scandinavian region where we are not personally present.”

Christensen believes that Scandinavia is a simple market to operate in, helped by the people having an easy-going mentality.

Christensen says: “The Scandinavians are some of the happiest people in the world – that just proves we are easy going up here. And as long as that remains there are only opportunities. We just have to remain cost-efficient and competitive, where the usual quality is intact and a valuable export commodity. Danish design, you know.”