Record setting growth for American Airlines Cargo


American Airlines Cargo has had record-setting growth in the second quarter, with a significant increase in e-commerce, pharmaceutical and perishable shipments.

The airline handled almost 158 million kilogrammes of freight in the period compared to 144 million a year ago, with June recording its best performance in more than 10 years.

A number of factors were behind the growth, including e-commerce movements across the network, particularly out of Asia, Europe and Brazil, while pharmaceuticals, fruit and flowers were the largest growing commodities.

Other factors driving the growth include trucking volumes increasing 13.6 per cent, flowers from Europe, blood shipments for medical purposes rising more than 800 per cent, several high visibility large project shipments such as moving 385 tonnes of engine and auto accessories from Japan, and the sponsorship and transportation of valuable artwork from Madrid to the San Antonio Museum of Art.

American Airlines Cargo managing director – revenue management, Lori Sinn says: “Our entire team is thrilled to have achieved such a strong second quarter and June for 2018. This is a fitting indicator of the commitment of our people to excellent and timely service, as well as the growing number of customers around the globe who trust American to deliver their cargo quickly and reliably. We look forward to breaking more records in the future.”