Restructuring pays dividends for Swiss WorldCargo

Swiss International Airlines head of cargo, Ashwin Bhat

Swiss WorldCargo should report good figures when parent Swiss International Airlines releases its results in March, writes Neil Madden.

Head of cargo, Ashwin Bhat (pictured) tells Air Cargo Week that 2017 was “a very good year”.

“In 2017, we saw an increase in terms of tonnage carried. In the first three quarters of 2017, Swiss WorldCargo transported 10 percent more in tonnage terms,” he says.

“We’re proud of this increase, and reflects our greater utilisation and growing Boeing 777-300ER fleet,” he adds.

The performance comes while the cargo unit is still working through the restructuring Bhat introduced at the start of last year, the ultimate aim of which is to make the company more agile and put customers at the centre of everything.

“Although still ongoing, our restructuring has been successful thus far and has ensured internal alignment, collaboration, and one focus towards our customers,” Bhat continues.

“All our top customers recognise and appreciate this focus. It also offers a new flexibility within our organisation, and has given many people an opportunity to pursue new roles within the company customised to their areas of expertise.”

Last year Bhat confirmed that the safe handling of pharma would be a major focus for the company.

One of the first steps undertaken by the management was ensuring that ground handling at hub partner Cargologic became both CEIV-certified and GDP compliant.