ROAMWORKS signs agreement with Dubai Airports for security solution

Dubai International Airport

Dubai Airports is using the proprietary ROAM IoT (Internet of Things) platform along with electronic seals, to ensure integrity and visibility into cargo container and vehicle activity from the loading site to the off-loading site.

The ROAM platform empowers all service partners, including Dubai Police, and Dubai Customs with real-time information on the trip status and allows Dubai Airports’ staff to efficiently manage the whereabouts of cargo, while ensuring security is being adhered to throughout the transportation process.

It also helps authorities prevent theft or fraud as they can see whether products or items are tampered with or taken outside of specifically designated secure zones. The system is designed to detect and prevent suspicious activity, and provides transparent, automated security while helping to enforce policy and simplify regulatory compliance.

“Our goal is to help boost trade and commerce and add to Dubai’s already impressive reputation as a global hub for cargo,” says Dubai Airports director of cargo, Faisal Al Mulla. “The new platform further enhances our ability to provide seamless, secure and efficient transfer of cargo between the fourth busiest airport in the world for international cargo volumes (DXB) and the 19th (DWC).”

The solution received the award for Innovative Security Software of the Year 2017 at Transport Arabia in December last year