Royal opening for Schiphol Joint Inspection Centre

King Willem-Alexander opening the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Joint Inspection Centre

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol’s Joint Inspection Centre (JIC) has received royal approval, having been opened by King Willem-Alexander.

The JIC is one project within the Schiphol SmartGate Cargo programme is designed to make cargo handling at Schiphol safer and more efficient by enabling different enforcement and inspection authorities to carry out checks together.

Logistics and enforcement are brought together and facilities include an expedition floor, a scan hall, storage and examination rooms, a quarantine room for small animals, garages for scanning vehicles, offices and a training centre. It is a joint initiative by Schiphol, KLM Cargo, the Dutch Customs Administration and Air Cargo Netherlands.

Schiphol Group chief executive officer, Jos Nijhuis says: “The Joint Inspection Centre came about by doing something we excel for 100 years at Schiphol; together. Collaborating between private and public parties. What Customs, ACN, KLM Royal Schiphol Group and many have put down other players in the freight sector is unparalleled in the world.”

ACN president, Jacques Heeremans adds: “ACN wants a safe, fast, efficient and cheaper freight. Customs acts as director of information of all government parties. The air cargo industry provides current and detailed information about each individual consignment. In short, we can confidently look forward to a bright future.”