Royal Schiphol Group takes full ownership of Cargonaut


Royal Schiphol Group has announced their acquisition of additional shares in Cargonaut B.V, meaning it now has full ownership. Schiphol are looking to the future with ambitious plans to modernise the information provider and renew Cargonaut’s Port Community System (PCS) to ‘futureproof’ it for the cargo community.

“With the new system that Cargonaut and Schiphol Group are building we will be ready for the future and able to further innovate and exchange information,” commented Jonas van Stekelenburg, interim chief executive officer at Cargonaut.

“We are replacing the current deprecated system, but we are also improving it: the new PCS will make it easier for cargo parties to communicate with one another, as well as with the Government. Moreover, it will enable the sector to handle the expected increase in e-commerce clearances.”

The move will also strengthen the airport cargo community’s relationship with Dutch Customs, which under the Dutch Government’s Digital Transport Strategy, is seeking to work more closely with companies such as Schiphol who fulfil a public Mainport function.

“The cargo community will benefit from this transition, it will make the supply chain more predictable and it will strengthen Schiphol’s competitive advantage,” said Miriam Hoekstra –van der Deen, head of airport operations.

Sjoerd Blűm, chief information officer and director IT and Data at Schiphol added: “Proper data sharing ensures smooth cargo handling, from which efficiency in the chain will increase. We will be inviting community members to share their vision regarding their future needs and functionalities for the system and we will keep sharing important milestones as the project progresses.“