SEKO Logistics in top 5 most trusted supply chain partners for North American shippers

Seko Top 5 supplier in North America

SEKO Logistics has been recognised as a top five third party logistics provider in a survey of thousands of shippers in North America to find their most trusted supply chain partners.

Over 14,500 votes were cast in Inbound Logistics’ annual Top 10 3PL Excellence Award survey, with SEKO ranked fifth overall for reliability and responsiveness in uncertain and unpredictable conditions, through material shortages and demand volatility. Voters included supply chain decision-makers from trillion-dollar companies Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft; retailers such as Best Buy, Target, and Walmart; as well as manufacturers Boeing, Caterpillar, General Motors and Tesla.

“Shippers seek constancy and support from their third-party logistics (3PL) providers as upheaval and disruption have punctuated supply chains for the past year. The ability to execute shipments consistently is no less than a lifeline as freight capacity constraints persist. By managing a portion or all of a shipper’s transportation and logistics operations, 3PLs keep supply chains moving, even in the face of port congestion and labour shortages. They do this by leveraging their expertise, resources, and, increasingly, their technology to optimize shipper operations and provide efficiency-boosting insights. The 3PLs garnering a Top 10 3PL Excellence Award were the most steadfast of all,” Inbound Logistics stated.

Inbound Logistics’ annual Top 10 3PL list is eagerly-awaited and so influential because of the caliber of the shippers casting votes. To us, it is a valuable monitor of how we are performing to the needs and expectations of global customers. We are honored to be ranked fifth, given the competition in the market, and to be recognized as a trusted and turned-to provider. Given the disruption and challenges to supply chains in the past year, this latest survey carries even greater significance for us,” commented Brian Bourke, chief growth officer at SEKO Logistics.

The importance of technology solutions to supply chain touch points across all verticals was especially highlighted in the survey’s results. Most of Inbound Logistics’ audience said they rely on 3PLs for IT systems, with 73% of shippers indicating they leverage transportation management systems, warehouse management systems, and other IT solutions from their 3PL partners.

SEKO earned this recognition for their complete supply chain solutions in transportation, logistics, forwarding and warehousing as well as the seamless flow of information and visibility provided by their innovative and configurable IT solutions, which help to keep their growing client base running at peak performance. Inbound Logistics also acknowledged SEKO’s ‘fast on its feet’ lean and nimble management structure and success in delivering solutions to meet each client’s exact requirements.

Phil Poel, chief operating officer at Ember, one of SEKO Logistics’ clients referenced by Inbound Logistics, stated: “We knew we needed a great third-party logistics partner to handle projects like launching in Apple stores in 26 different countries and, in a single day, opening global e-commerce channels and supplying to Tmall China. That in and of itself tells the story of why we needed a reliable logistics partner on our side.”