SF Airlines ends 2017 with delivery of 41st aircraft


SF Airlines finished 2017 by taking delivery of its 41st freighter, with the new aircraft arriving in Shenzhen on 31 December.

The delivery marked eight years of operations since its maiden flight in 2009, and throughout 2017 SF Airlines made more than 50,000 flight hours and transported more than 400,000 tonnes of shipments.

This followed the delivery on 12 December of two Boeing 747-400ERFs with 113 tonnes of cargo capacity bought at an online auction, which were formerly part of Jade International Airlines fleet.

The aircraft were bought from Alibaba’s auction platform on 21 November and were officially delivered at Shenzhen Intermediate People’s Court with relevant property rights, making SF Airlines the first courier airline to own 747s in China.

In August SF Airlines also became the first operator in China to receive a Boeing 757-200F with wingtips, joining its fleet of Boeing 737-300s and -400s, 757-200s and 767-300BCFs.

SF Airlines has also expanded its network with flights to locations including Nanjing, Fuzhou, Hohhot, Phnom Penh and Hanoi, further expanding its domestic and international airline networks and improving the coverage of services.