Sharks flown from the US to Brazil by American Airlines


American Airlines Cargo recently moved two sand tiger sharks and three bonnethead sharks for transport from the US to South America.

The sand tiger sharks were flown from New York JFK Airport while the bonnethead sharks flew from Miami International Airport, all moving to Rio de Janeiro.

All five sharks were headed to their new home at an aquarium in Nova Iguazu, Brazil via two different Boeing 777-200s. American worked with Four Star Cargo to ensure the sharks arrived safely and on time.

The sharks presented a unique challenge that the American Airlines Cargo team was happy to take on. Marine animals can be particularly difficult to transport great distances.

To ensure their health and safety, the sharks were housed in two special shipping tanks that weighed 4,850 pounds (2,200 kilos) and about 5,500 (2,500 kilos), respectively.

While bonnethead sharks are usually only about three to four feet (.9 to 1.2 metres) long, sand tiger sharks can range in size from 6.5 to more than 10 feet in length (2 to 3 metres). The American team worked with the forwarder to ensure the animals had enough space and oxygenated water throughout the shipping process.

Just before take-off, the shark tanks were carefully sealed and oxygenated to ensure a safe and comfortable journey.

After the tanks were sealed by the customer, the American team placed and strapped them securely onto PMC units, which ensure stability of the tanks during flight and handling. Once prepared, the tanks remained in the cargo facility until right before departure.

Director of cargo operations, Wayne Zimmerman says: “Our priority was to make sure that the sharks were safe and, of course, arrived on time in Brazil. Our teams coordinated closely with the customer and worked hard to ensure this unique shipment received all of the special care needed throughout its entire journey.”