Šiauliai Airport expands cargo capabilities


Šiauliai International Airport, located in the western part of Lithuania, has had a strong year for cargo.

“We are at the finishing stages of the €9.5 million infrastructure modernisation project. We will be able to receive large transatlantic aircrafts thanks to the widened runway, which we extended from 21 to 23 metres to match the wingspan of these large aircrafts.

“Runway B can already be used by aircrafts such as Boeing 737, Airbus 319, and Airbus 320, but the extended runaway will now be ready for aircrafts with twice the passenger capacity, such as Boeing 747 and Airbus 330,” said Aurelija Kuezada, director of Šiauliai Airport.

Šiauliai Airport will be a home to Europe’s largest Aviatic MRO aircraft maintenance and repair centre. The hangar of the strategic investor will take up an area of 23k sq m and create around 1,000 jobs.

“We’re slowly but steadily becoming an aviation business centre. We are leasing an area of 63k sq m to the Estonian-capital aircraft maintenance and repair company, Aviatic MRO, for parking aircrafts. For a sense of scale, the area can accommodate 16 aircrafts with a passenger capacity of up to 180 at any one time. In April, the company started the construction of the hangar, which has an estimated value of around €20 million. It will become operational in the second quarter of 2022,” says Kuezada.