Industry videos to be filmed at TIACA ACF 2016


Air cargo businesses can be part of the official International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) ‘Industry Views’ videos at TIACA’s Air Cargo Forum (ACF) in Paris from 26-28 October.

In collaboration with TIACA, AZura Productions, a business unit of Air Cargo Week, is making a series of videos during ACF 2016.

The promotional videos will focus on the key issues within the industry and give air cargo operators the chance to share any views and discuss how business is.

Each cost-effective video will centre on particular companies and is aimed at answering specific questions or providing insight into the air cargo industry and its future.

The videos will be filmed, edited and broadcast the following day in France with promotion in the following:

• ACW Daily News (the official daily newspaper of ACF)

• ACW Digital

• and

• Air Cargo Week newsletter

• Air Cargo Week’s social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

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