Smiths Detection enhances screening portfolio

Smiths Detection enhances screening portfolio

Smiths Detection, a global leader in threat detection and security screening technologies, today announces new product enhancements within the HISCAN product range. Smiths Detection has launched a 0.5 m/s belt speed HI-SCAN 100100V-2, designed to meet the demands of fast turnaround, high volume air cargo applications for accelerated security screening, delivering the highest performance with the smallest physical footprint.

The new model, which is expected to be added to the ‘Qualified’ section of the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) Air Cargo Screening Technology List (ACSTL) soon, allows for increased and more efficient throughput for express forwarders, mail screening and ecommerce and can also be utilised at mass transit checkpoints. It offers dual-view screening for shorter inspection times, with a 200kg conveyor load to support break bulk cargo screening and a 1010 x 1010mm tunnel for easily handling out of gauge baggage.

Existing HI-SCAN 100100V-2is installations can be upgraded to meet the new specifications.

The ECAC compliant technology can also be integrated into material handling systems and
connected to centralised screening applications for increased efficiency. It can be further
enhanced by iCMORE automated threat/target identification software for lithium batteries and weapons to increase security.

Smiths Detection also is rolling out its iCMORE weapons capability for the HI-SCAN 7555aTiX and the HI-SCAN 100100V-2is and T-2is. iCMORE Weapons is part of the iCMORE range of smart and adaptable object recognition algorithms offering automatic detection of an everexpanding list of dangerous, prohibited, and contraband goods. Detecting handguns, gun parts, ammunition, as well as flick and fixed-blade knives, iCMORE Weapons was developed for aviation and urban security checkpoints. Enhancing these HI-SCAN systems with iCMORE Weapons enables greater efficiency, safety and security while efficiently supporting image analysts.

Richard Thompson, global director aviation, Smiths Detection said: “We are delighted
to be delivering enhanced capabilities for our HI-SCAN series, with the launch of the new highspeed HI-SCAN 100100V-2is, which addresses the cargo sector’s need for speed and
efficiency, and the roll out of automatic weapons detection across three HI-SCAN systems.
The security screening process cannot be foregone, so implementing automated detection
solutions is invaluable for enhancing the smooth flow of people and goods and more effectively tackling threats.”