SPOTSEE launches ShockWatch


SPOTSEE, a developer of supply chain damage monitoring through low-cost devices and connectivity solutions, has launched a new device that combines impact-damage monitoring with radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology.

This new device, the ShockWatch RFID impact indicator, is designed to track damage through the supply chain and identify affected inventory. Kerr, vice president, product portfolio, SpotSee says: “ShockWatch RFID combines the benefits of traditional RFID inventory management with impact-damage monitoring, allowing users to reduce the sources of damage in their supply chain.”

ShockWatch RFID delivers a damage-monitoring program while also providing an electronic record of information in the user’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, warehouse management system or directly into the SpotSee Cloud.

By gathering data throughout the supply chain, ShockWatch RFID identifies where damage is occurring, allowing users to isolate damaged inventory for further inspection. Each ShockWatch RFID unit is fitted with a NXP UCODE G2iM+ passive RFID chip which can be scanned with any standard ultra-high frequency (UHF) RFID reader.

Once a ShockWatch RFID indicator passes by the RFID reader, within milliseconds the ShockWatch RFID indicators communicate that a damaging impact has occurred or if products can be moved into saleable inventory. ShockWatch RFID impact indicators are low-cost, consumable, single-use devices that are tamperproof, field-armable and triggered when a damaging impact beyond a specific G-force threshold occurs.