Survey shows multiple factors driving the agenda on carbon emissions in the logistics sector


BIFA started a partnership with Pledge in January 2023 to help the trade association’s members better understand and address the environmental issues that affect how they manage international supply chains.

BIFA members are facing increasing pressure from regulators, business partners, and consumers amongst others, in favour of business initiatives and good practice that are considered to be environmentally friendly.

At a business level, its members are increasingly seeing tenders that demand actual evidence of what they are doing to reduce harmful emissions and undertake their operations in a more environmentally friendly and sustainable manner.

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There is a clear direction of travel on this subject and BIFA wants to help its members, small and large, that may need some support on where to start when it comes to taking effective action to understand and reduce their carbon footprint. They are already seeking guidance from their trade association and this is where the partnership with Pledge will help.

It sees Pledge provide BIFA with some of the resources that will help to support members in their journey to having operations that are more environmentally sustainable.

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Those resources are designed to guide members on what to do to address the tasks at hand, rather than how to do it. They will address what needs to be considered as the main environmental issues, and the challenges they pose; whilst providing guidance on the steps that they should take to launch an environmental policy, or enhance an existing one.

The pressure on logistics service providers is not going away, but will only continue to grow. They need to take action now, and it all starts with getting thorough visibility of their carbon footprint, in order to help accelerate the decarbonisation of their customers’ supply chains.

The partnership with Pledge presents a huge opportunity for the trade association to deliver advice and help empower its members to better understand and calculate their carbon footprint and the actions that they need to take in order to reduce it.