Swissport offers virtual tour of Frankfurt facility

Swissport offers virtual tour

Swissport’s cargo warehouse at Frankfurt Airport is now also in the digital space. The 17,00 sq m facility, which was opened in November 2020 and also has a certified Pharma Centre, is equipped with an automated material handling system.

The new 3D virtual tour of the Frankfurt warehouse, which was created in collaboration with Lödige Industries and Matterport, allows procurement officials and operations managers of cargo airlines and freight forwarders to pay a virtual visit to Swissport’s Pharma Centre and warehouse in advance of a physical visit.

The 3D tour is equipped with virtual info points to look up key information on the facility, the equipment and the processes.

Digital investments

Swissport has invested heavily in digitalisation and modern equipment. To raise the efficiency of the handling processes, unit load devices (ULD’s) are stored and retrieved by an automated material handling system (MHS) with a storage capacity of 115 main deck ULDs. The company’s cargo teams at the Frankfurt location were also one of the first to be equipped with a new cargo app and mobile devices to further digitise the operation and increase efficiency. At the end of the year, Swissport in collaboration with Lödige Industries, is set to trial an unmanned, automated vehicle in Frankfurt. This innovation aims to further increase flexibility and the safety of ULD handling.Swissport’s warehouse operation in Frankfurt runs an all-electric powered fleet of ground service vehicles for the handling of shipments. A photovoltaic system on the roof of the building is the largest of its kind at Frankfurt Airport. It feeds more than 1.5 million kWh of sustainable solar energy per year.