Swissport’s move to automation

Swissport office

Swissport, working with Unilode and Descartes, has started to equip its cargo warehouse with Bluetooth sensors to increase transparency for Swissport customers using digitally tagged ULD. Geolocation of ULD enables real-time tracking and inventory control, enabling airlines and freight companies to plan the distribution of their vast ULD fleets more efficiently and cost effectively. The move will see 115 cargo warehouses equipped with tracking sensors during 2020.

“Our cooperation with Unilode and Descartes and the introduction of global ULD tracking at our cargo warehouses create added value for our customers and drive the digital transformation of the cargo supply chain and the industry,” says Hendrik Leyssens, Swissport’s vice president global operations cargo.

This follows Swissport’s decision to invest in self-service cargo kiosks which enable truck-drivers to skip counter queues and manual paperwork processing. The kiosks help saving valuable time and often speed up the delivery of time-critical shipments, benefiting Swissport and its customers alike. These moves to automation are just the beginning of what will be a technology revolution for the processing industry.