TAP Portugal bans endangered animal shipments

TAP Portugal Airbus 319

TAP Portugal has ended the shipment of animals destined for use in experiments and body parts of endangered animals.

The move follows talks with the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) US Foundation – a UK charity dedicated to establishing and protecting the rights of all animals.

PETA US has confirmed a company-wide ban on all shipments of shark fins, animals bound for laboratories, and animal trophies.

“By ending the shipment of shark fins, animal trophies, and animals bound for laboratories, TAP Portugal has taken a stand against industries that kill and exploit animals around the world,” says PETA director Mimi Bekhechi.

“PETA is urging other airlines to follow in their forward-thinking footsteps now.”

TAP Portugal joins Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, United Airlines, US Airways, Air China, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, TAM Airlines, El Al Airlines, Philippine Airlines, Hainan Airlines, Vietnam Airlines, and others—in banning the transport of primates to laboratories.

Delta Air Lines and American Airlines have also banned the shipment of the body parts of endangered animals. By refusing to ship shark fins, TAP has also struck a blow to the shark finning industry, which kills nearly 100 million sharks and billions of other sea animals.