TAPA launches drive for certified facilities


The Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) is launching a campaign to double the number of TAPA certified warehouse facilities to over 2,000 in Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific in the next three years.

The association says it wants to make a “quantum leap” in the number of trucking companies operating in compliance with its security standards.

TAPA Asia Pacific chairman, Tony Lugg, says there is no room for complacency as cargo crime is “growing massively all over the world” and remains significantly under-reported.

“Companies also need to understand that it is not just high value goods that are being targeted by organised criminal gangs but just about every kind of product that has a resale value on the black market,” Lugg adds.

TAPA was formed in 1997 to tackle the multi-billion euro problem of cargo thefts from the supply chain. Today, its 800 member companies, include manufacturers and logistics service providers as well as freight forwarders and transport operators, and others.