The world’s first PCM cargo cover


A team of British researchers at TLX Cargo have invented the world’s first Cargo
Cover/Thermal blanket that incorporates Phase Change Material (PCM) into its structure, solved the problem of hot lane temperature excursions on the tarmac.

TLX PCM cargo covers combine an outer surface that Reflects 97% of thermal radiation over the measured spectral range with TLX PCM Fibre-Flex technology within the structure of the cover, that remains flexible even when frozen and can be moulded around corners, whilst being thin, light and easy to handle.

In its liquid state the PCM fibre will hold the PCM in any orientation, which means TLX Fibre Flex can be used for walls as well as the top of the cargo cover.

Thomas Hunt, TLX Cargo Sales Director commented: “TLX PCM is designed to remove the problem of the temperature spike seen on most pallet data loggers in air cargo when the pallet is off-loaded on to the tarmac at hot locations.

“It is a game-changer in the Temperature Controlled Logistics sector olving problems such as: excursions on 15-25°C routes, power outages on 2-8°C routes, upgrading and reducing the size of parcel shippers along with controlling temperatures of ULDs for perishables.”