TIACA calls for greater co-operation in fight against counterfeit goods

TIACA secretary general Doug Brittin

The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) says it condemns the growing problem of goods that infringe Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).

TIACA is calling on Customs authorities across the globe to bring together rights holders, service providers, and regulators for a working dialogue in a new Position Paper published today.

The association says goods that infringe IPR account for a growing proportion of international trade, estimated at over $250 billion by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

TIACA’s Paper explains the air cargo industry plays a vital role in the interdiction of counterfeit shipments and in investigations of illicit trade and that, as intermediaries, the industry’s role is distinct from that of other parties.

It says the air cargo industry should be recognised as one piece in a three-pronged approach to combatting goods that infringe IPR, working alongside rights holders and Customs authorities.

TIACA secretary general, Dough Brittin says: “The industry’s co-operation with law enforcement agencies contributes to the increase in seizures by government agencies.

“However, each party needs to acknowledge its role and limitations. Air cargo industry members are not law enforcement agencies, and our role is necessarily limited by this reality.

“Any potential liability for air cargo industry members should be limited to instances where air cargo operators have actual knowledge of receiving or handling IPR infringing goods and have failed to take action based on that knowledge.”

The Position Paper was put together by TIACA’s Market Access and Trade Facilitation Subcommittee and approved by the TIACA Board, which includes members from across the air freight industry.