TIACA focuses on partnerships and sustainability


Partnerships, modernisation and sustainability were the focuses of TIACA’s 2019 Executive Summit, held in Budapest from 19 – 21 November.

About 200 participants attended the event and TIACA has the ambition of strengthening the role of members as ambassadors to help attract more members.

Chairman Steven Polmans asked who could be better ambassadors for TIACA than the members themselves.

He says: “We are not going to revolutionise everything at once. We need to work step by step. We want to involve our members more and to do that we need to ensure that they and the industry as a whole are better informed.”

Vladimir Zubkov, secretary general of TIACA says a key objective of TIACA is to build and nurture partnerships, both globally and regionally.

He says: “And we are not just saying that – we act. In fact, during the Executive Summit, we’ve signed two main agreements with Pharma.aero and Routes.”

The event gives industry professionals the opportunity to share knowledge, with Zubkov saying: “One of the real sources of added value that TIACA brings is its ability to facilitate exchanges, discussions and partnership.”

Polmans adds: “This conference was incredibly rich in terms of content but also in the way in which it created chemistry between the stakeholders.”

The Sustainability Program was launched, and the TIACA held its first Sustainability Award.

Polmans says: “Sustainability is not just being green; it is much more than that. Of course, it’s about Planet but it also includes the People and Prosperity dimensions. And after those three days, I am sure all the attendees got back home convinced and inspired.”