TIACA: lower oil price spells trouble


Oil at the low price of $49 per barrel will have negative effects for the world economy, not positive ones overall, according to The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) outgoing chairman Oliver Evans, speaking at TIACA’s annual press lunch. 

Evans sees the lower oil price reducing income for governments whose spending drives consumption in their countries and therefore international trade. During a question and answer session, Evans says: “Countries will lose income from the lower price. For the global economy, it will have more of a negative effect and so for airfreight.”

Against this ongoing uncertain economic backdrop, TIACA’s work continues with a second professional development workshop planned for later this month and renewed efforts to increase its membership. Previously TIACA has made its board more diverse and that process is intended to continue.

The workshop, which coincides and is co-located with the Air Cargo Africa 2015 event being held in Johannesburg (South Africa) from 25 to 27 February, follows the first which was held at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol last year. This year Evans is stepping down as TIACA chairman and as chief cargo officer for Swiss International Air Lines. TIACA will hold its Executive Summit in Miami (US) from 19 to 21 May. 


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