Tigers gains AEO certification and opens office in Leeds

Tigers Global Logistics regional managing director for Europe, Shahar Ayash

Tigers Global Logistics has been certified as an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) in the UK and has opened a new office in Leeds.

The certification means customers will benefit from a lower rate of compliance inspections, a reduction in the number of Customs control checks and simplified documentation for imports and exports.

Global brands entering the European market will be able to take advantage of both Tigers’ growing global footprint, and its SmartHub Connect web portal, offering a Virtual Warehouse as part of Tigers’ e-commerce suite of products.

Tigers Global Logistics regional managing director for Europe, Shahar Ayash says: “The AEO certification is internationally recognised, including in key markets such as China, India, Japan, and the USA, inspiring even greater confidence in businesses worldwide to work with Tigers.”

Tigers’ post-Brexit solution creates a Virtual Single Logistics Facility, giving customers a one-stop-shop to combat any disruption caused by Brexit by physically placing products across the UK and European Union, whilst offering full visibility, inventory control, a single IT integration, a single tariff and one currency billing.

Ayash explains: “The virtual warehouse means that, while goods may be physically located between the EU and the UK, they will simply appear to be located on different shelves in our system.

Describing the IT system, Ayash says: “Our IT solution for the post-Brexit situation will not only eliminate the risk of the tax and Customs implications created by this new situation, but will also allow for shorter transit times for last mile deliveries, being closer to the end consumer and yielding reduced overall costs.”

The new office in Leeds is the seventh in the UK and 13th in Europe, and Ayash says: “The new office in Leeds allows us to combine our expertise in the China and Asia-Pacific markets with the local presence necessary to support brands in the largest regional economy outside of London.”

Tigers chief executive officer and group managing director, Andrew Jillings adds: “Leeds is a fantastic location, and we look forward to establishing our presence in the region, and working with local brands to offer them international exposure and market opportunities.”