time:matters awarded AEO certification


time:matters has been certified as an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) by the main customs office of Darmstadt, Germany.

The certificate confirms time:matter’s reliability and service quality, with international customers being sure of the company complying with all standards for effective protection of the customer supply chain.

The certificate obtained by CB Customs Broker and now time:matters is the highest possible official AEO certificate, with combined authorisation covering both customs simplification of the AEO-C status and the security and safety requirements of the AEO-S status.

Lars Krosch, COO of time:matters says: “This confirms the success of our long-standing service excellence and quality strategy and illustrates that security and consistently high standards are a priority for us in our cooperation with customers.

“By certifying our status, the customs office has officially recognised that we are a reliable and trustworthy partner in international goods transport. This represents the logical next step and consolidation of our commitment to quality.”