time:matters extends spare parts network to Birmingham and Dublin


time:matters has extended its spare parts logistics flight network with services from Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden to Birmingham and Dublin on weekdays.

Customers from Southern Germany can now benefit from a faster service for spare parts to the UK and Ireland, with urgently needed spare parts on site from 8am the next day so technicians can get to work straight away.

A UK logistics service provider has already purchased part of the cargo capacity across the English Channel and others are making inquiries.

Three Saab 340 aircraft now take off from Baden-Airpark every night for time:matters, with services from the airport starting 10 years ago with flights bound for Scandinavia, and now the route is operated by two aircraft during peak season and a third 340 has been added to the portfolio.

Chief operating officer, Christian Mortl says: “Almost ten years ago, this service was initially offered in all Scandinavian countries and to Italy. Now, time:matters also offers late pick-up combined with very early delivery for France, Spain, Greece, the whole of the Baltics and Moscow.”

“We are delighted to now be in a position to also offer this to customers from southern Germany for shipments to the UK” he adds.

The Spare Parts Logistics service means numerous companies can offer fast and competent aftersales services, and time:matters provides automated cargo tracking so customers can receive regular and proactive updates on their shipments.

The service is popular with producers of agricultural equipment, as well as customers in the medical technology, IT and automotive sectors.