time:matters launches airmates platform for on board courier services


time:matters has launched airmates, a software-based platform for on-board courier services offering fast quotes, maximum cost efficiency and a global courier network.

Using the platform, customers can input their shipment details and receive a complete quote in less than a minute, which can be used to make an immediate online booking with all costs included, from transfer to the airport, tickets and hotels.

It says optimising processes and scaling the service globally, savings from cheaper flight tickets can be passed onto customers.

Suitable couriers are identified in real time, and are pinpointed via the specially developed app and informed about the order, and can accept the job directly from the app, with the potential to be on the road within two hours.

time:matters chief executive officer, Franz-Joseph Miller says: “Having goods transported personally is an especially popular option for particularly urgent or sensitive shipments. These often involve critical situations such as a grounded aircraft, equipment failure or assembly line stoppage, when every minute counts.”

He adds: “By digitising the business model on time:matters airmates, we can work far more efficiently and extend our global reach. This allows us to offer customers maximum speed with the greatest reliability and best price. This is the kind of innovation that sets us apart at time:matters.”

The company says couriers can transport anything accepted as hand luggage as long there are no country specific import restrictions and larger items can be loaded as checked-in baggage.