TNT launches road connection to Georgia

A TNT Boeing 747 Freighter unloads

TNT is launching a scheduled road feeder connection to Georgia to reduce the European road transit times to Moscow.

The Dutch express operator says it becomes the first express delivery service provider to offer an economy service to/from Georgia, in the Caucasus, as an alternative to air express services.

The line haul will connect Georgia’s capital Tbilisi with TNT’s European road network (ERN) via Istanbul in Turkey.

From Istanbul, TNT will connect the Caucasus freight on its ERN lines to more than 40 European countries. The service will offer customers the ability to ship larger (up to 30 square metres) and heavier items (up to 1,000 kg per piece on a pallet).

TNT explains it is also reducing European road transit times to/from Moscow by up to 48 hours (depending on origin) by changing the route for its trucks.

TNT says: “Until now, TNT exclusively connected Russia via Turku (Finland), its northernmost hub within the ERN. From now on, TNT will also connect Russia via its Warsaw hub, thereby increasing the speed and capacity of its road service to the Russian capital. Road deliveries from Scandinavia will continue to transit through Turku.”

Both improvements are part of TNT’s outlook strategy to extend its ERN and move even more shipments by road.