Turkish Airlines Cargo Atatürk facility opens


TURKISH AIRLINES CARGO has begun operations at its new facility at Istanbul Atatürk Airport. Construction started in January last year operations began this month. 

The new facility has 53 cargo acceptance and delivery doors and will be able to handle 1.2 million tonnes per year. It has a total area of 71,000 square metres with an indoor area of 43,000 square metres. Its special storage area within that is 3,000 square metres. It also has a special unit load device (ULD) storage area of 700 square metres. Its total ULD capacity will eventually reach 1,200. Its inbound and outbound ULD capacity has been increased 5.5 times.

Its special storage capabilities include, a radioactive materials room, a room for valuables, dangerous  goods and vulnerable storage areas, a room for live animals; and cold storage areas able to provide temperatures from  minus 21 degrees Celsius, zero, two to eight degrees and 15 to 25 degrees Celsius. The airline also says that its racking system has increased the capacity for special cargo by six times.


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