Turkish Cargo selects cargo.one to help fuel its global growth ambitions

Turkish Cargo selects cargo.one to help fuel its global growth ambitions

cargo.one has announced a global partnership that brings Turkish Cargo, the Turkish national carrier’s cargo division, on board.

Flying to more countries than any other cargo airline, the combination of Turkish Cargo’s capacities and cargo.one’s seamless digital booking experience now offers freight forwarders worldwide a valuable new proposition. With 40 bookable airlines on board, cargo.one has now secured close to 50% of global air cargo capacity for instant booking on its platform.

Turkish Cargo is a major international operator, achieving exceptional growth across market segments, flight network and transported tonnage in recent years. In 2010, the carrier was ranked 33rd in the world, and has risen steadily to 14th in 2017, and now 5th globally in 2022. Investments in state-of-the-art SMARTIST, its Istanbul mega cargo hub, sustainability programmes and a comprehensive digitalisation strategy has helped Turkish Cargo increase business volumes to 9.1 million tonne kilometers during 2021.

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Within weeks, cargo.one customers worldwide can book capacities across Turkish Cargo’s extensive network of more than 340 destinations, 100 of direct cargo – including important centres of commerce in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. Already flying its fleet of 20 freighters to more international direct cargo destinations than any other airline, Turkish Cargo plans to increase this from 100 to 120 by 2025. Freight forwarders can now benefit from the best marketplace booking experience for Turkish Cargo capacities.

“Turkish Cargo’s partnership with cargo.one will be expanding our digital footprint and improve sales capabilities. We, as Turkish Cargo, are firmly on a trajectory towards our target to become one of the top three air cargo brands in the world in line with the strategic vision. We believe that cargo.one will support us to drive this growth and further raise the bar for our customers, with enhanced innovation standards for delivering the best new digital alternatives to empower success,” Adnan Karaismailoğlu, Senior Vice President of Cargo Business Development and Organization at Turkish Cargo, said.

Turkish Cargo is achieving its impressive growth by prioritising customer value and leveraging digital transformation to enhance its reliability and customer service. The partnership with cargo.one reflects an ongoing development of its sales capabilities in line with recent investments in its product range, including the introduction of TK URGENT. As a digital leader, cargo.one will support the airline’s teams to further enhance the offer quality and customer experience for online bookings.

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“We are delighted that with Turkish Cargo, yet another major cargo airline trusts in cargo.one as a core component of its digital strategy”, Moritz Claussen, Founder and Co-CEO of cargo.one, said. “Turkish Cargo is a powerhouse in the market – we now offer customers greater digital access to the largest network worldwide, across all continents. This unlocks vast potential for forwarders to win more shipments and switch more to benefit greatly from digital booking.”

“cargo.one has always been built with forwarders for forwarders, and Turkish Cargo has always been among the top requested airlines since day one. The airline certainly adds substantial capacity to our platform for forwarders in all corners of the world. In recent months, we have launched a number of truly global airlines. cargo.one today offers the world’s largest airline, the airline with the largest global network, and the European, North American and Japanese market leaders – meaning around half of all global air cargo capacity is now within easy digital reach for our customers.”

“This is great news for every freight forwarder – no other platform offers more airlines for live booking than cargo.one, making it not just the most user-friendly, but also the most useful platform out there”, he added. “We have proven that cargo.one can generate new market share and guarantee the best customer experiences for every size and type of air cargo airline. In this way, we are part of an industry-wide levelling up of digital capabilities.”

cargo.one is expanding its available capacity at a rapid pace thanks to velocity on both sides of the marketplace. During 2022, it has launched many additional global airlines and airline groups, adding significantly to capacity across all three of the most important air cargo markets: Europe, North America and Asia.

Turkish Cargo is a strong example of an airline that is driving ambitiously towards the full potential of digital air cargo sales. cargo.one’s recent industry-wide Digital Sales Trajectory Report (conducted with BCG) found that participating airlines identified significant value creation from digital distribution – driven by a broader reach and incremental revenue, better revenue management, reduced cost of sale, and new digital-first products. cargo.one works with airlines such as Turkish Cargo to maximize on such elements in order to deliver accelerated sales growth and sustainable competitive advantage.