Two clients for the price of one for joloda


Established Dutch cargo handling equipment manufacturer joloda hydraroll has carried out an installation of rollerbed floor panels for Bonded Services at Schiphol. This e-commerce handling company has enjoyed a strong growth in cargo flow and needed a solution to safely and efficiently load and unload ULDs from their trucks into the warehouse.

When unloaded in the warehouse, the ULDs needed to get moved over to multiple working stations. At these working stations the ULDs get broken down und the cargo is placed on regular pallets for further distribution throughout Europe.

Even before this installation was completed, neighbouring company ViaEurope became a second customer. An installation we subsequently made at their warehouse at Liegé airport. ViaEurope is using the rollerbed system to unload ULDs and then guide them to a conveyor line where all packages are put on to further clear them in and distribute them.

One of the company’s core products is its portable roller track floor called Trailerloda. With this system any standard truck or trailer can be converted into a rollerbed trailer just within half a day. The pre-assembled rollerbed floor panels are mounted on top of the original floor structure without the need for any adjustment to the original vehicle. This concept has been supplied for many years, notes the company.